Is your camper excited to come to camp but is a little nervous to be away from home for a full week? Or maybe their summer schedules don't have room for 5 days away at camp? You are invited to our NEW Mini Camps! A shorter, action packed camp experience for kids to come and spend three days worshiping God, trying new things, swimming in the lake and being in God's creation! We hope to see you here this summer!

Each of our Mini Camps serves a slightly different age group of kids than our regular camps! Camp 234 serves 2nd-4th Graders - a perfect opportunity to give camp a try! Camp 567 is for the kids who are in that transitional age between elementary and youth! This camp is perfect for those who want another summer here at camp, learning, playing, worshiping, and making lifelong friends. 

Although each week of camp has its own unique flavor, every camp is held to the same high standards. Campers are supervised all week by Blue Lake's staff as well as background checked volunteers that come with churches. This helps us make certain that every week of camp has all the components necessary to provide a life changing experience.

CAMP 234


JUNE 17-19


Come spend three days getting a taste of what camp is all about!

Camp 234 is perfect for those kids who are wanting to know what camp is all about but aren't ready for a full week! Or maybe they can't wait until they're old enough and want to come NOW! We can't wait to have you here at camp!

CAMP 567


JUNE 19-21


Does your camper think they're too old for camp? This camp is tailored for them! A camp for the in-betweeners, the kids that feel like they're between elementary and youth! This camp is specific for them, full of the perfect mix of fun, worship, studying the Word, and having a blast at camp! We hope to see you here!