We at Blue Lake are seeking young adults to join us in the journey of pouring God's Love into the children and youth of West Florida and Alabama. We are looking for all kinds of people who are excited to spend a summer outside, sweating a lot, playing with kids, leading by example, making lifelong friends and showing God's love!

If you have any questions as you work on the application,
please don't hesitate to reach out to our Program Director Jessie at programs@bluelakecamp.com!


We are looking for individuals who are passionate, excited, and willing to get their hands dirty. An ideal summer counselor is someone who can roll with the punches of summer camp and is a team player. Most importantly, we are looking for people who love kids and love God. A Blue Lake counselor’s number one job is to show the campers that come to our camp each week that they are loved by us AND our King.

Counselor positions are open to applicants who are at least one year removed from High School.


This position will oversee the lifeguards and waterfront activities at camp. This position is open to responsible persons who have previous lifeguarding and leadership experience. They should be certified in lifeguarding, first aid and CPR, or willing to be certified in those areas. This position requires time management skills as well as risk management awareness.

The Waterfront Coordinator position is open to applicants who are at least one year removed from High School.


This position is ideally open to any nursing student or licensed medical professional but anyone with at a least first aid and CPR certification may apply. The main duties will be to coordinate with any volunteer nurses, to manage medicine dispensing, and to document any injuries or first aid given. 

The Healthcare Provider position is open to applicants who are at least one year removed from High School.


The Junior Counselor program gives you a taste of what life is like at camp “behind the curtain.” JCs will spend 3 weeks of summer being an active staff member and participating in all duties while shadowing their full counselor counterparts. JCs will not sleep with campers in cabins but will take part in all other responsibilities.

Junior Counselor positions are open to applicants who are Juniors and Seniors in High School.


The Media Coordinator position is open to anyone who has a passion for photography, videography and/or social media! This position will spend the summer capturing the memories the campers are making and sharing them with our community on our website, social media, and with parents.


This position is for local area applicants who are looking for an hourly job. You must have an up-to-date lifeguard certification OR be able to come to our training week at the beginning of the summer. This position is part-time, hourly, and no housing is provided. Lifeguards should have a strong work ethic, be dependable and willing to work long hours. Applicants should be ready, willing, and excited to work around kids all day long.

Lifeguard positions are open to applicants who are Juniors in High School or older.


We are looking for an individual who can lead our camp in musical worship throughout the summer! Applicants should have experience leading worship and a passion for exposing kids to connecting to God through music.


We currently do not have any open positions, however we are regularly looking for individuals interested in part-time, as needed food service staff. Interested individuals can fill out an application and we will reach out as needs arise.

All other positions will be posted here should we have opportunities available.

If you have any questions regarding the positions available or the application process, call 334-222-5407 or email director@bluelakecamp.com